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and is devoted to BIOGAS-Technology

Already in my young ages I was educated to pay the utmost attention and respect to comprehensive sustainability. My father let me read the book of the Swiss Silvio GESELL, „Die Natürliche Wirtschaftsordnung“ when I was 16 , my mother made me not only respect nature, but really love it and my studies of Urban Planning (Raumplanung) at the Vienna University of Technology, let these two factors merge at an academic level with reason and real affection.

Later, under truly painfully expensive circumstances, I co-developed a BIOGAS PLANT patent. Here is the SHORT DESCRIPTION of the patent specifications and a summary.

Years later, I went to Vietnam to study this method together with the original inventor of the VACVINA biogas plants, Mr. Pham Van Than, and to build a plant there with him for this family.

It is my sincere and grave conviction that we as HUMANITY have „really lost“ on all frontiers and have no further evolutionary step to take, if we do not implement biogas technology WORLDWIDE, NATIONWIDE and, following the exemplary example of nature in the truest sense of the word, leting nothing, really NOTHING deteriorate, having ALL biogenic WASTE and MUCK/DUNG environmentally friendly (= methane minimized), intelligently and targeted sustainably reintegrated into the nutrient cycle!

Therefore, it is my wish to implement the simple (or even an arbitrarily extended) VACVINA model together with interested, motivated and skilled people (in Turkey, Africa or elsewhere … Capital expenditure in Vietnam 1,500 USD) in order to take a step that can inspire others for a better future.

Here is the really relatively easy to build VACVINA MODEL to study on the basis of a PPT presentation.