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Wie kommen wir aus diesem dynamischen Kapitalismus, der groß ist, hinaus in einen kleinen (nachhaltigen, stabilen und „ökonologischen“ Klammer: Hanel) Kreislauf hinein?

Quelle: Ulrike Hermann

What I want to point out is:

There IS NO TRUE EXIT unless we all, who we want to exit, understand HOW (anyway simple) fair ECONOMY has to perform, and after having understood, do away PEACEFULLY, but STRICTLY with the actual (all killing) interest on interest monetarily (compound interest) system. … and ONLY THEN do and will we be able doing the REAL EXIT. 

UNLESS agreed upon understanding on HOW WE HUMANS should handle our monetarily system correctly… 

HERE the LINK to the Paper in English and German 

I write again, because I have the impression, that you are interested in the topic. Generally, I have to refer to my essay. „Über das Wirtschaften“h
I promised to look at your link and give response.  So here it is.
The author of the article is „classical economist„.

So let me start with the good things.
 1. He acknowledges that money is by its nature a promissory note 
2. He cites Silvio GESELL, who inspired me also, when I was on the university and not many even know about him or do respect his great endeavors. 

Now lets come to the critics. 
Being a classical economist, he believes, (or make people believe!) that it is the BANKS, who are the CREDITORS of the person who takes a credit. 

THIS is the wrong approach. 
I again REFER TO MY ARTICLE for better understanding, how the FIRST money came into existence. 

But I try in short: 
He should know, that there is NO such thing as “YOUR/MY” MONEY, as long you/I did not CREATE it yourself/myself (which does not mean, that you/I can not outsource the job of creation in order to have a commen LAYOUT, as we have it today). We come back to it later.  

The TRUE CREDITOR in a FREE NATION is the DEBTOR himself! 
Only in short again: 

Every person, who wants to live – OWES it firstly to HIM/HERSELF to care for his LIVING. (URSCHULD“ (nicht ERBSÜNDE!))

If he/she is a 100% self supporter, he needs no money, but still has to PAY off his CREDIT (to himself) by working hard for his living every day.

If she/he is engaged in division of labour (which is the more effective way) and therefor NEEDS or WANTS something from somebody else – he has to “buy” these things (as we leave barter trade behind). 
But how? (Remember there was no money yet and we are approaching the moment of CREATING it for the first time). 

So the moment of the FIRST CREATION of money is, when YOU agree, to give from your goods, whereas I give you from mine – BUT LATER!!! … and THIS time leap is basically the only difference to BARTER BUSINESS.

(Difference between barter and buying is, that with bartering the good exchange happens in the same moment – whilst in buying, there normally is a time space between the exchange of GOODS!  (First you work (your good, which you bring to the market) and get money in, and only afterwards you took the money in, you spend it for other goods, you want from the market … THIS is HOW we normaly SEE it – but this is only HALF of the picture … and „half truths are more cheating then al lie!“)

So that means, YOU give me your goods TODAY and I give you my promissory note = my, by myself created MONEY, with which I promise with my honour and signature, to give my goods, to you, when you present this promissory note to me again. (To firstly let it be simple, and assume, only two people are involved)

So first I “bought” your goods with MY money (promissory note), later my partner “bought” my goods also with MY MONEY, by giving it BACK to me.

Only by to and fro (of money and goods) and fro and to (of goods and money) – the SALE is completed!

THIS is the TRUE and HOLISTIC VIEW of buying and selling.

To make this happen on a greater scale with many different individual “business folk” … each individual has to do this/his/her CREATION of his/her money – following the known and usual procedure when taking a CREDIT with bank assistance. The difference is, that the bank works as an accountant assistant and additionally has to assure one’s credibility according national law agreements. (About bank performance see below)

So having MONEY in hand, you ONLY have a promissory note in your hand (either your own – or somebody else’s).

THIS understanding makes CLEAR that in NO WAY the BANK (unless it belongs to the PEOPLE, BUSINESS FOLK themselves) should be allowed to create money. And also, now we understand, that this “BANK” is only the peoples SERVICE ENTERPRISE and THEREFOR will NOT BE TAKING INTEREST or even COMPOUND INTEREST. Why should ANYONE take interest in HIS OWN CREATED and legally approved MONEY ??? 
The bank = the people who RUN the bank only take wages for their skills, efforts and works (see below), same way as everybody else does – YOU (plural) and me (singular). There IS NO ELITE, only more or less striving human beeings and no „free soup“ unless given in charity! And for shure – the books of LAW have to be revised!